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The Empty Thoughts;

Holding the cold tears, the time is ripe.

♔ My wicked Albion;
♔ Wicked Albion; }
Rome, anticonformist,
I attending the third year of the IV Artistic High School in the capital.
Main drawer, slashers, fangirl, writer(?), reader.
I have a visceral love for the world of politics (Lolitics),
manga, European comics and steampunk.
16 years of failures and small wins.
16 years of dreams and passion.
I take pencil in hand, and reinvent my own little world.
Reinvent an entire world, in a small corner of London.

“Is Just another day in the world we live.“
Link LinkProfile Codescontact: esther.cristofori@gmail.com
bold: felicemente fidanzata da due anni~
website: albioncheshire.tumblr.com